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Zhang Daqian

Zhang Daqian (張大千, original name Zhang Yuan (張爰), was one of the best-known and most prodigious Chinese artists of the twentieth century. 张大千 红荷图 by China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries

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[Huang Yongyu "Lotus"] "color of the white, plot deep self into the green. Jiang Fei will end drugs, soft this Trinidad jade poet wine unawakened, fast absorbing a Sichuan Lu. Nothing pharynx Qing Gan, and Ruth chewing Chrysanthemum Wanli river poem.

张大千《香荷图》--- 张大千画过没骨荷、工笔荷、写意荷等,他笔下荷花均是落落大方,雅俗共赏,娇艳而不俗,沉着而不浮,生动而不匠。他曾说:“画荷,最易也最难,易者是容易入手,难者是难得神韵。”

张大千《香荷图》--- 张大千画过没骨荷、工笔荷、写意荷等,他笔下荷花均是落落大方,雅俗共赏,娇艳而不俗,沉着而不浮,生动而不匠。他曾说:“画荷,最易也最难,易者是容易入手,难者是难得神韵。”

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