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Pretty much my body double. I just wish I had her face! Haha

Keira Knightley is so incredibly beautiful that it doesn't matter whatsoever she ain't got boobs.and I love boobs!

ac-z:  “Keira Knightley photographed by Abbie Trayler-Smith in South Sudan, 2014. (via queenkeira)  ”

— ac-z: Keira Knightley photographed by Abbie...

Keira Knightley photographed by Abbie Trayler-Smith during a trip to South Sudan, Africa, for Oxfam, 2014

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Keira Knightley: she doesn& pretend to be somebody she isn& Gotta admire that about her. Somebody who is authentic is a rare thing, especially to her extent.

Keira Knightley Que bonita de loira

Keira Knightley - Keira Knightley is a British film actress. Knightley is the daughter of actor Will Knightley and actress turned playwright Sharman Macdonald.