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orca orca orca orca

There are many types of whales found in Alaskan waters including the orca (or killer whale) pictured here. The best time of year to see orca calves is in May

Keiko in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Keiko the whale (free willy) was freed from a mexican amusement park because of unfit living conditions into the ocean,

Killer Whales

SeaWorld has been told it can build its new orca whale amusement park on the condition it does not import and breed more orcas. It has filed a lawsuit in response. Demand SeaWorld drop this lawsuit and leave orcas in the wild where they belong.

Go whale watching to see Orcas! I want to do this with my sister

Killer Whales have been featured in mythologies with their reputation being souls of humans to merciless killers. Enjoy amazing killer whale pictures here.

Whale watching--we had a whale come right up next to our raft-it was awesome!

Victoria Whale Watching Package from Seattle

The only whale watching tour departing from Seattle, plus whale watching day trips and packages in the San Juan Islands, Victoria, BC and Vancouver.

Orcas - Within each pod, families form into sub-pods centered around older females, usually grandmothers or great-grandmothers. Both male and female offspring remain in close association with their mothers for life. - Center for Whale Research

Center for Whale Research - Orca Whales San Juan Island, WA - my favorite pod of orcas.

My favorite animal- and probably the best thing about the ocean

Boycott places that keep Orcas captive for your entertainment, and their profits. These are very, very large, socially structured mammals, that DO NOT thrive in captivity.