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Magnificent Antique City ; Ephesus - izmir

When the Royal Princess calls on Kusadasi, I'll be taking the tour to Ephesus. "portico columns in the Agora, Ephesus"

İzmir, Turkey

*TURKEY ~ Izmir Clock Tower is a large metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey.

Carthage Tunis

Carthage Tunis

The lost city of Petra. I want to visit here soooo bad!

Petra-the amazing ancient city carved in the stones

Колоссы Ме́мнона (в действительности — Аменхотепа III) (местное арабское название el-Colossat, или es-Salamat) это две массивные каменные статуи фараона Аменхотепа III. Последние 3400 лет они простояли в некрополе города Фивы, по другую сторону реки Нил от современного города Луксор.

Colossi of Memnon, Egypt. Amenhotep III Dynasty) built a mortuary temple in Thebes that was guarded by two gigantic statues on the outer gates. All that remains now are the 23 meter ft.) high, one thousand ton statues of Amenhotep III.

314 Arch of Triumph before its destruction, Palmyra (Syria) | da tango-

Reuters, October Islamic State militants have blown up the Arch of Triumph, a major monument in the Roman city of Palmyra, Syria's antiquities chief said on Sunday, after they destroyed two ancient temples at the central Syrian site in recent months.

ankara otobus bileti at night turkey - http://69hdwallpapers.com/ankara-otobus-bileti-at-night-turkey/

The city with(out) a sea.


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Arch In The Ancient City of Bosra, Syria

Roman Arch In The Ancient City of Bosra, Syria

Have you ever wanted to take a DeLorean back in time?  Well, Venice doesn’t have a DeLorean, but you really don’t need one!  The romance of the once richest city in Europe can easily be recreated since everything still looks the same as it did in the 15th and 16th centuries.  Don a mask, enjoy the moment, and party like it’s 1499! #Venice #Italy #TopTen #Travel

10 Ways to Time Travel in Venice

Have you ever wanted to take a DeLorean back in time? Well, Venice doesn’t have…