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Slick Car Concepts by 600v

Super cool half old school thunderbird half futuristic car 010809 - NFZ by on deviantART

Raptor Hunta, Khyzyl Saleem on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/raptor-hunta

Seen as there was no Top Gear today :(, I made something which was partly inspired by that moment they both went to save Richard haha. It has air suspension, so can be raised to get over that rough terrain, re-inflatable tires & other hidden fancy

Mad Max: Fury Road - Google 検索

The Vehicles In "Mad Max: Fury Road" Are Gloriously Insane. The Interceptor This Ford XB Falcon is and will forever be the true star of the Mad Max series.

Mad max

"Mad Max: Fury Road" depicts a bleak, post-apocalyptic future world with no water, no oil and people who savagely chase one another down a desolate outback wasteland with heavily armored, .

Jewelry Making Tutorial - Making Tennis Bracelet Collets

Tutorial on making these linked tennis bracelet collets giving them movement and curvature. strip settings are used for colliers, earrings, bracelet.


Here is the newest starship that I am working on , drives are almost done . It is Called SC - Ushba stardrive array .