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Monolithic domes are constructed by laying a concrete ring foundation, inflating an airform, coating its interior with three inches of polyurethane foam, attaching a gridwork of steel rebar, and covering the rebar and polyurethane with three inches of shotcrete, a sprayed concrete.

Ananur& Home & This Monolithic Dome is a & sphere. Its exterior is elastomeric Elray stucco. The eyebrows are hand formed out of expanded steel lathe filled with straw.

Some of the world's sturdiest homes are the storm- and earthquake-ready monolithic domes, or EcoShells. Learn more.

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Monolithic dome homes in the village of New Ngelepen on Java Island, Indonesia - Photo © Dimas Ardian/Getty Images

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Monolithic dome house nice example of how two domes can be combined.

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Green, cheap and efficient straw bale dome homes :) - Energetic Forum

Hi all recently I have been obsessed with dome homes, like the ones here: Monolithic — Home of the Monolithic Dome There are a number of advantages

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A dome home. I just heard on TV a dome home featured there went up mostly in 6 months and walls are 15 feet thick so low low heat.

A straw bale house is an eco-friendly building you will fall in love with. Light, sustainable, resistant and featuring a rustic flavor, the construction ha

A Straw Bale House Is Eco Friendly And Cost-Effective