「ICARUS ONLINE」50枚以上のコンセプトアートやスクリーンショットを本日公開 - ネトゲブックマーク

「ICARUS ONLINE」50枚以上のコンセプトアートやスクリーンショットを本日公開 - ネトゲブックマーク

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異世界的な画像が集まるスレ | 不思議.net

Dug out some oldies, these are a few of the concepts I made for CCP and their project Dust omg look at that spaceship lolol

【情報】介面/場景/人物立繪 等等 各類原圖素材(2015.02.15更新) @碧藍幻想 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特

【情報】介面/場景/人物立繪 等等 各類原圖素材(2015.02.15更新) @碧藍幻想 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特

Granblue Fantasy

Sakura Wars X Granblue Fantasy Crossover Incoming - Segalization

ffxiv 2013-08-28 01-40-19-28

phoenixfire-art: “ Final Fantasy XIV - Capital Cities & Linkshell Concept Artworks by Akihiko Yoshida & Co. Final Fantasy XIV is one game that just didn’t get off the ground.

Simple Animation [] by Yi Ming Xuan (Ming Fan) [] Full size without copymark here: http://conceptartworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Fan_Ming_Art_06a.jpg

Kunlun Mountain: a mythical mountain, dwelling of various divinities, and fabulous plants and animals in Chinese mythology

Interview with Mark Molnar : Hellblade

We've the pleasure to Interview Mark Molnar, who's currently creating his art book, Behind The Pixels, and he's working as senior concept artist at Ninja