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Tales over Cocktails Dress, #ModCloth... Oh my... This would really put me on cloud nine .

Got My Red Pandas Ready Knee Socks

Starlit Evening Dress - Grey, Solid, Peplum, Sleeveless, Short, Silver, Pleats, Party sale!

Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Royal Velvet - 16-34

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This would be perfect for a holiday party. If I were a rich socialite who went to chic holiday parties Goldleaf Glamour Dress,

Do you think you could make this @Kristy Lewis

When You Can Dance Dress. You'll walk with the confidence of a seasoned salsa star when you dress yourself in this licorice- and coconut-striped dress with sky-high stilettos, a ruffled leather clutch, and back-seamed tights to boot!

Signature Cocktail Dress, #ModCloth

Your Zest Self Long Sleeve Dress in Tweed


Simple Is In Keyhole Top in Navy

Add a pop of color to your day by pulling on these goldenrod tights! This solid opaque pair delivers a bold statement wherever you so choose to sojourn.

Don't Rain on My Brocade Dress, #ModCloth

Dot Worry, Be Happy Tights in Burgundy

Marshmallow Creme Frosting Dress, #ModCloth  This dress reminds me of a couple things: IU's song boo, IU's albulm "Spring of a twenty-year old", Juniel's album "1+1" and fluffy, yummy marshmallows *hmmm maarrshmalloows, i'm hungry now*

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers

Maybe for a rehearsal dinner!

Fanfare and Square Dress, #ModCloth Can't wait for this bright and beautiful pattern and color scheme with a cute cut-out at the neck. What a great look for fall.

Fabulous Fanfare Earrings