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I am a sucker for a design with drips. Really like how these are applied horizontally. Lettering by – use to be featured –

just that.

Just smile and wave! Do the princess wave! In other news, if you know Jesus in your heart, you don't have to act like a princess b/c you are one. B/c your father is THE KING! So SMILE & WAVE, you princess, you!

Ink Butter logo design by Alan Ariail

Ink Butter logo and brand identity design by Alan Ariail I've loved this for a long time, now I know who did it!

Inspirational Design Quotes

Inspirational Design Quotes

Drool again, this is how I feel about my passion betype: Typography Quote by Awal Rhamdan.

Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration by David Milan | UltraLinx

Calligraphy and lettering is one of the finest art forms. These art forms are rich in their stance and impressive as well. But what is the main meaning of

Love & Hate

Amazing Nike Tees Graphics by Norway graphic-designer Mats Ottdal. “I have been working on alot fun projects with a great team that is based in the Nike Graphics Studio in Portland, US last year, and here is a small collections of some of the Typography