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road trip music (a chance to listen to some new tunes!

She's there. She's in Los Angeles, I can feel it. I can't let her leave yet. I know I have to go there now and get to her before she flies away, because then I won't be able to find her. I floor it, merging onto the highway. I know I'm speeding, but I don't care.

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Driving on the Freeway in Los Angeles on a Rainy Day!

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One of my fave things is to play guitar on my deck while the sun is setting and no one is around its so zen

ignite light

I love flying. When I was a little girl my grandpa had an airplane and would fly us to New Mexico. When people asked me if I wanted to go with them I said "Are we driving. or flying?

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or just travel into the "wild & free" thing.

A day full of lights Full of hopes

no sight can match the beauty of falling rain drops

Looking for the 110

a field of pictures

Si conduces no te hagas esta foto

Cool pic, but if you're taking a pic of your left hand in the side view mirror, that means your right hand is holding the phone. So which hand is on the steering wheel.


12 hours driving brought us to Richmond Va.

{When the} Night Comes Down...

Night driving I love everything more at night including a peaceful evening drive.

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good vibes only

Pura Vida x @frauke_hagen

Pura Vida x Frauke Hagen

Turn the radio up! Road trip time.

Hit The Road With Us This Summer! Road trips are considered a staple during summer months… and oh how our road trips have changed! Think about the traditional trip: road maps, car games, site seeing – so much of that … Continue reading →


on the road at dusk, with a lit city in the distance