(Katy) A demon wolf. Female. Devil's sister. Age 2 years old   PLEASE IF REPIN, CHANGE DESCRIPTION

Black And White Wolves With Wings Wild at heart: pack of flowing blood wolves

Winged Wolf by RobtheDoodler

Texas, sister to Tex, 18 moons old, no mate or pups. She lives with Venus and tries to help her best she can. Texas can bend the wind to her advantage.

Amber.  She is a young pup, only half a year old, and is very happy and cute. She likes to hang around Radioactive, and has a slight crush on him. Parents: Safira, Flame.

This is my trade with of her wolf character waka. Wolf Trade-- Colors of Fire

(Name: Ash) (Gender: Male) (Role: Alpha Warrior and Beta Hunter) (Age: 1 year) (Bio: Cousin of lost and brother of Em, & is a silent walker)

Frostbite male Alpha daughter-Luna Sons-Tiger and Lion Mate-Flame(deceased) Cruel and mean. Loves fighting and battle.

Anime wolf with fire wings!

Winged fire ( male) ( open) he is kind, loyal, and funny. He likes butterfly but she don't know it. He wants to be leader one day.