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Alvaro Castagnet, 1954 ~ Impressionist Watercolor painter

Castagnet - "He chooses watercolor because he innately understands the fact that only watercolor can deliver the kind of light one sees everyday" - John Foster Accidental Mysteries

Orc shaman- love the stuff hanging over the face and the hat

Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Mecha Nomad Futuristic for cosplay ideas

Beatrice Offor, Circe, 1911

Beatrice Offor - Circe, 1911 Circe {minor goddess of magic/sorceress} daughter of sun-god Helios and oceanid Perse

Love the Edward Hopper look. his LIGHTING I mean come on- real life doesn't even look that good

Mariacarla Boscono

"Ritratti di Nuovo Stile": Mariacarla Boscono in Edward Hopper's Morning Sun by Javier Vallhonrat for Flair