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Pueblos indígenas.Hay por lo menos 5.000 grupos indígenas compuestos de unos 370 millones de personas que viven en más de 70 países de cinco continentes.

Over Free Art wallpaper - Tibetan Thangka Painting 2 - - 18 wallpaper in Dream Wallpaper.

Ohara Koson (1877-1945): Carrion Crow on Snowy Branch

Crow On A Snowy Branch Ohara Koson, woodblock print in Shin-hanga style …

Jehovah is close to the broken at heart.  Psalm 34:18

PLAN V- Venganza

- StumbleUpon December 2011 Multicolored face with texture by happyorright – StumbleUpon. I guess I’m a sucker for a pretty face. I don’t know what to call it so I called it Multicolored face with texture

Sherrie York is a Colorado artist who works primarily in the medium of reduction linocut.

Linocut - Sherrie York is a Colorado artist who works primarily in the medium of reduction linocut.

Buy Mini Woodlands, Summer, Linocut by Alexandra Buckle on Artfinder.

Drowning In Bliss by Danny O’Connor (Art By Doc)

Drowning In Bliss by Danny O’Connor (Art By Doc) ♥✤ This is inspiration for my self portrait

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Leonardo da Vinci Female Head painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Leonardo da Vinci Female Head painting is available at custom size.

Claude Monet - The Undergrowth In The Forest Of Saint-Germain, 1882

The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain, Claude Monet, 1882 Monet paintings really loose their luster and glow when in a picture.

les formes géométriques

Art project idea: draw overlapping circles and then fill with a variety of creative patterns. I like black ink, but could also be done in color. More design projects & take risks.

sketch of draft horse by Leonardo Da Vinci

For Thursday Art-Day - Leonardo da Vinci’s horses.Leonardo Da Vinci - 1519 Renaissance) appeared to love horses. We know Leonardo’s famous portrait painting, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper wall painting but did you know Leonardo Da Vin.