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Are you, Are you coming to the tree? where they strung up a man they say he murdered three, strange things did happen here no stranger would it be, if we met at midnight in the hanging tree

Willow Shields is Team Katniss

This joke you’ll only understand if you read Mockingjay 27 "Hunger Games" Puns You Can't Help But Laugh At. Well except for this one, this one makes me cry.

Another quotes that didn’t make it into #TheHungerGames movie.

Another quote that didn’t make it into The Hunger Games movie. I was really looking foward to this quote. :( what are you gonna do with me some where you can't get hurt Peseta katniss love


"If my name's drawn. it won't matter. He'd just volunteer to take my place." - Haymitch Abernathy on Peeta Mellark,