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jthenr-comics-vault: “ Venom by Erik Larsen Marvel Universe Update (December) ”

Venom by Ryan Lang

ryanlangdraws: I’ve been out of the loop on comics for a while, and I saw an comic where venom is some swat looking dude. Octopus is spiderman…. I’ll start reading again when it’s Peter Parker, or when McFarlane comes back. Oh snap.

Spideys worst Nightmare...VENOM..... by thelearningcurv

Who's your favorite Spidey Villain? I remember when Venom actually came out, and other than Carnage, I don't think there has been a cooler villain to co.

40 Awesome Venom Illustration Artworks

40 Awesome Venom Illustration Artworks

In comic books, there is no superhero without an evil and unbeatable villain who will make the superhero's life complicated and at the same time exciting.

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