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I think Kittens are the most photographic of all domestic animals


Cat on snowman :)


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This is like the 4th pin I have found with cats and snowmen?? Obsession perhaps??...lol

- Шапку меховую заказывали?!

I love you, snowman. I love you too, cat XD

Awhh. I dont have a board for kitties so im putting this in the puppies board. Its so cute!

The winter explorer - Cutest Paw

決めポーズはこう、、、does that say 'conga line' ?

Cute Dancing Cat with the fans ^^_ cute-overload

How to #pet a #cat

Howto: Pet a kitty

Фото, автор fancyrussia на Яндекс.Фотках

Котики в снегу

Gives a whole new meaning to cat house

Looks like Pasha....Maine Coon

Beautiful grey cat - from Inspiration Lane


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Maine Coon Cat (still need to identify coat type) Beauty in the snow!

after figuring out how to jump over the fence, i saw a stranger stare at me, up to her face in snow.


How to make a snow cat from WikiHow Neko Lion and Snow Cat from Sweden LongCat SnowCat .

En honor a Chico

Sand sculpture shindigs: A bucket list

Лепрозорий / Убежище

maine coon hugging a snowman. I love my Maine Coon

Lol. Thats what i would do if i were a cat

Funny cats in CHristmas hats photo with captions. Wreck the tree and blame the doggie, La la lala

Haha. Thought of you. Chili would like this hat. It'd match his leash.

The Friday Five: Pets in Costume

Christmas holiday reindeer knitted crochet hat costume for cat