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Barry Moser -  Unicorn

Barry Moser illustrations to Richard's Bestiary of love and response, the Unicorn

Barry Moser. The Scapegoat, 1999.  Wood engraving.

Barry Moser is a renowned artist, most famous as a printmaker and illustrator of numerous works of literature. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Moser studied at Auburn University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and did post-graduate work at

Vintage Vogue cover by George Plank, 1927, the last he did for the magazine

Vintage Vogue 'Forecast of Spring Fashions' cover art by George Wolfe Plank, February the last he did for the magazine

A Natural History of Strange Things

Excellent example illustrating "directional line use" when drawing, shading or carving. "The Headless Horseman", woodcut by Barry Moser available at the R.

Jack and Jim Head | Linocut | Lino Print - buy the sea

Jack and Jim Head - Linocut