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ハロウィングランプリ2014に参加中 - 根菜チップとスペアリブのハロウィンデコカレー


Picnic Bento with Rice Balls 運動会弁当

Japanese athletic meet picnic bento, featuring a variety of onigiri, tamagoyaki, and fresh fruit

はんぺんコロンであざらしチャンのお弁当* by naohahaさん | レシピ ...


Want to shake up your lunchtime routine? Take inspiration from these utterly adorable lunchbox creations from across the web - they put our sandwiches to shame.

A very pretty thing to find in a bento box.

I ♥ food This is really cool.but I will eat any and all rice! Kimono Girl Koume-chan Character Bento Box (Kyaraben in Japanese)|小梅ちゃんキャラ弁

まっくろくろすけ by sugisugi at 2014-2-16 - SnapDish


When you look at these, you might think (like we did). How can you eat something which looks so CUTE! These creative meals/drinks where captured in Japan and bring a new meaning to "how to present your food".

Santa and Reindeer  bento


Cute Santa Claus with Rudolph, Japanese Rice-Cake Christmas Kyaraben Bento Lunch