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looks could kill by Dominic Roy

"looks could kill" . by Dominic Roy (Great grey owl, Quebec, Canada)

Chestnut Backed Owlet (Glaucidium castanonotum) is a common resident bird in the wet zone forests of Sri Lanka....

Sri Lankan Endemic Birds: Pitathabala Vana-Bassa - The Chestnut-Backed Owlet (Glaucidium castanonotum)

A nice perched hawk owl, photo by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

The northern hawk-owl (Surnia ulula) is a non-migratory owl that usually stays within its breeding range, though it sometimes irrupts southward. It is one of the few owls that is neither nocturnal nor crepuscular, being active only during the day.



Embracing the wisdom of the spirit, the Owl Poster depicts a poetic prayer to the totem spirit of the owl, within the upswept wings of a wondrous owl. 8 x 1

Baby Owl Learning To Fly… http://pewpaw.com/?p=10217

Funny pictures about Baby Owl learning to fly. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Owl learning to fly. Also, Baby Owl learning to fly.

hamid meybodi - Google+

hamid meybodi - Google+

Owl OWLS LIKE TO LIVE NEAR WHERE GINSENG GROWS. Mice, their main food supply are usually nearby. get more only on http://freefacebookcovers.net www.dierenplaza.nl

Boreal Owl Raufußkauz- With head turned all the way around.