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"Balance" par Josephine Wall

Libra is the sign of partnership, symbolized by the scales. Gracious and fair, Libra is an easygoing friend and among the most social and popular signs of the zodiac.

Space Maid • Josephine Wall

Free desktop wallpapers and backgrounds with Space maid, art, fantasy, Josephine Wall, space.

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Diana Diana is the ancient lady of the beasts, and as the mistress of wild things, she is responsible for anything young and vulnerable. She is also the Goddess of the moon as symbolised by the crescent moon diadem she wears in her hair.

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English artist Josephine Wall has been passionate about art since she was four years old. Now a respected artist, Josephine paints with a lively imagination and romanticism that escort her audience into a world of magical dimension.

Patchamama matin du 1er janvier 2017. Bonjour Belle année 2017. Je me sens dans un cocon de douceur et de lumière. Les couleurs du lever de soleil sont le rose et le orange avec un tout petit peu de bleu. Le soleil se lève sur une mer de nuages.

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by artist Josephine Wall - intricate dream-like art : Brigid- the Celtic Goddess of fire, poetry, healing ability, childbirth, and unity. She is largely associated with the home and hearth.