He's 18. And Boy Can He Shoot. Surreal Portraits By Photographer Alex Stoddard. via If It's Hip It's Here

Meet photographer Alex Stoddard, a 21 year old with incredible talent. Here is a look at many of his surreal and beautiful self-portraits and other photos.

Ben Zank transforms our perspective with beautiful displays of whimsical parallels and mysterious symmetry that leaves his audience questioning the truths of reality.

Interview: Surreal Portraits Playfully Explore the Real World

Experimental and Conceptual Photography. Photographer Ben Zank was born in Bronx, New York. At the age of he began taking photographs.

I love the drama in Lee Jeffries  images and all the emotion they portray! http://youtu.be/87hV3bGZBkA

Retratos emocionantes de moradores de rua capturados por Lee Jeffries


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The light bulb symbolizes our thoughts and how over-thinking can kill us. This is actually genius. One of my favorite pictures My thoughts are slowing killing me. Each day my thoughts are killing me.

portraits of photographer Brooke Shaden oh my god I know her! I miked her for a creativity event she hosted holy wow that's wild

i used to have imaginary friends though most of them were less creepy

This kid is just taking a walk. A walk with some shadowy monster rabbit, yes.

Holy hell! I'm gonna shoot that thing... ‍♀️

Smith Photography Creepy Doll Project - my worst nightmare (Things To Try In Bed)

In Extremis by Sandro Giordano

People falling down photos. Pics of people falling down in art series by photographer Sandro Giodano called In Extremis (Bodies With No Regret.

https://flic.kr/p/eKenGN | The shape she makes. | Model: Denise Salceda  Facebook page | Twitter | Instagram

19 year old Alex Stoddard offers an endless source of inspiration for his peers with amazingly surreal portraits - My Modern Met