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鈴木其一の‘四季花木図屏風’(左隻部分 19世紀 出光美)

鈴木其一の‘四季花木図屏風’(左隻部分 19世紀 出光美)Suzuki Kiitsu 'Seasonal flower tree drawing screen' (left part.


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狩野重信 「麦 芥子図屏風 」左隻 江戸時代

狩野重信 「麦 芥子図屏風 」左隻 江戸時代

Ogata Kōrin,  紅白梅図屏風(右隻・紅梅図) Red and White Plum (right hand screen:Red Plum)

trulyvincent: “Ogata Korin - Black and Red Plums (Museum of Art, Shizuoka Province, Japan). ” byōbu-e 屏風絵 - peinture sur paravent “Red and white plum blossoms” (shihonkinjichakushoku.

酒井抱一の‘朱楓図屏風’(1818年)one of Sakai Hoitsu's 'Vermillion Screens' (1818)

酒井抱一の‘朱楓図屏風’ Autumn, from Summer and Autumn. One of a Japanese folding screen pair.


From the Harvard Art Museums’ collections Actor Ichikawa Komazô as Sadakuro

Detail. Left screen. "Red and White Plum Trees," Ogata Korin (1658-1716), Edo period, 17th century (Japan)

Paravent de Sakai Hotsu : fleurs de prunier blanches et rouges. Sakai Hōitsu (酒井 抱一, was a Japanese painter of the Rimpa school. He is famous for reviving the style and popularity of Ogata Kōrin.