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When you were a child, you saw your parents get killed by a delusional man who claimed he was a time traveller. You thought he was just crazy, but as years pass and you grow older, your best friend starts to look eerily similar to your parents killer.

She took the crumpled ball from her pocket and straightened it, reading the explicit instructions once more.

You can buy a bottle of water for less than that, and that's all you need to survive three days. The rest of the time can be spent panhandling or simply walking around!

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A time traveller from the century comes to the present day but is disappointed by how little technology has progressed. Little does he know, he arrived at a renaissance fair

But what if the hair color is generic? And they don't ever dye it?

soulmate au's Imagine someone's sick of their soulmate's eye color when they meet them. Then they reject the soulmate. Until they realize that they miss the color because they don't see that exact color again

But what if you could merge with that animal to get cool powers?


Starting at age humans are given companion animals that develop alongside them. These animals can range anywhere from a goldfish to a horse to even a dragon. The only catch is that they are assigned based on your behavior during childhood.