Exo with kids

Exo with kids---- why do you toy with my heart?

Yixing do you know how to stop being so cute

And baekhyun why does it look like BaekXing moment and not KaiBaek to me .😳Omg I love BaekXing sooo muchhhhh😘😘😘

It's so cute how Kris loves kids. He is just staring at that little boy with the sweetest stare in the world. He will make an amazing father one day.

Kris (Exo) Gif Hunt [[MORE]] I had trouble finding gifs, surprisingly. But to make up for it pretty much every gif is guaranteed to be amazingly hot. *none of these gifs belong to me.

вαєк¢нєи вαєкнуυи χ ¢нєи

galaxychen: © Both Chen and Baekhyun are like "what just happened?

exo meme - Facebook Cover http://freefacebookcovers.net

That's some classy drinking skills you have Suho ;


Exactly One Year Ago 130724 before shit hit the fan

Ways to laugh ft. Exo

Tổng hợp Những Ảnh Chế của EXO - Chap 61

This interview is a blessing. Thank you for making our boys laugh like that💋

i was laughing really hard at luhan and kai and then i saw chanyeol xD// The girl is judging him extra hard.

Laughing hard at Kai & Luhan, then I saw Chanyeol doing god knows what. :') I swear Kai always gets scared though, it's too cute

when suho does aegyo xD #exo  ....... It's sad that my bias is attacking the one being cute, not the cute one being attacked...... XD

This is what happens when Suho does aegyo XD Poor eomma XD ♥

Kris is like "this is not my style" haha and XiuXiu is so adorable!

[GIF] Hahahahah EXO♥ lol Kris is like "this is not my style" ^~^

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100% Kpop - Expectation VS reality

Read Porque Amamos A EXO? from the story Memes De Exo by (Im A Unicorn) with reads.

Ohh my chanyeol what chu doin

Crónicas de un Niñero Casado... Y sus Hijastros Adoptivos 2 (exo/fanfic)

Chanyeol being a Derp with Foil and possibly my most favorite gif in existence