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"Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity."

Bombing for Peace is like fucking for virginity - anti-war Protest sign

Carmela Di Leo

Peace March - Antiwar movement (wild-nirvana: “ ॐ My Spiritual World☽ ”)

Taking Woodstock by Doris Raguž - 1969 VW by 4yourjourneys

Hippie vibes with a vw camper van, perfect glamping for any festival.

Says it all.

"Men of quality do not fear equality." First used as a feminist quote (I belive), but this clearly is a statement to promote any equality issue !


This picture shows how girls are judged based on the clothes they where or their skirt length. Girls with short skirts are often defined as a "slut" or "whore.


We all got money, time, or character so let's go feed them!They got money for wars but can't feed the poor - Tupac Shakur, poet

Rosa Parks e il NO che ha cambiato la storia

Rosa Parks,Honoured only years later. Was a civil rights activist who refused to give her seat away to a white passenger on a 'coloured' section of the bus. Her act and the Montgomery bus boycott are important events to the civil rights movement.