Year 1, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosophr's Stone, Seamus Finnigan, Irish

Me dad's a Muggle; Mam's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out. ~ Seamus Finnigan from Ireland, Year

I'm laughing so hard! This is so funny :)

"He represents chaos" is the CREEPIEST thing I've heard of a little girl saying. Reminds me of the girl from Poltergeist and the twin girls from The Shining.


It makes me mad that some headcanons make it seem as if Minerva has never met the next gen Weasley/Potter kids. I honestly think that she would have met them before they started school at Hogwarts

Ow... Yes that sounds plausible

technically Harry would have the same amount of Voldy as Voldy had because he was the last horcrux to be made

Ginny knows

When it said baby Ginny I thought maybe it was one of Harry's kids talking to Remus at Hogwarts and then I realized Remus is dead.

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Harry Potter headcannon, depression i accept this >> As a kid with depression, I approve this.