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Funny puppies of Samoyed dog (or Bjelkier) by Liliya Kulianionak, via Shutterstock

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samoyed...I need this furball in my life.

Siberian samoyed dogs look just like baby polar bears - so cute!

SOMEONE GET ME THIS DOG!! Oh, I've gone and fallen in love. Haha.  (It's so fluffy I'm gonna...)

Bucket List - Own a Samoyed



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This is a video showing the journey we made to collect our long awaited for puppy Luka :). Filmed on iPhone x

Samoyed Puppy

10 week old kyserbearr Samoyed

So so cute!!!!!!

fake it till you feel it.

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Am I cute? ☺️☺️☺️     #samoyed #samoyedpuppy #teachingmagnus

Am I cute? ☺️☺️☺️ #samoyed #samoyedpuppy #teachingmagnus



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Cute Daring Dog

* giggling *Riku: What? Beatrix: Let me show you something-Phft- in this book * snorts* Riku: Okay? * turns Riku into a puppy* Hahahahahah! * laughing* Riku: * >:U*

samoyed dog temperament with puppies

McMagic Samoyeds has been beeding happy and healthy samoyeds for over 20 years.


Many perfect Samoyed puppies!

Picture of a samoyed

Picture of a samoyed