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To my friends, shine on you crazy, perverted, alcoholic weirdos. Y'all are my people.

I'm tired of feeling stuck and now I'm going to change that. It will be a little challenging at first but it's time to roll up my sleeves and get "dirty".

Llorar no es de débiles

Crying isn't for the weak.We cry when we're born because crying is taking in air, taking out what hurts us, and moving forward.

Cuando quieres puedes, el resto son excusas

Interesting that this isn't subjunctive. Also note that "el resto" is a cognate. Literally this says "When you want, you can. The rest is excuses.

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"Y ahora estoy más guapa y menos ciega"

And with the blindfold, I made myself a hair bow and now I am more attractive and less blind.