I like the tallest and shortest concept

Ok this is so cute so adorable I will cry T^T

Jungkook’s face (they should make an emoji of this face) Basically me everyday

And also because of his smol hands~

And also because of his adorable hands XD❤️🔥

BTS SJ | our eldest is learning what he should do

our eldest is learning what he should do to capture the hearts of armys (im fucking kidding okay)

with all my hearteu

Well he definitely suits being rich better. Those bills ain't paying themselves.

Aaaawwwww :3 Das ist viel süßer als #katzenbabys!

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I remember one time when i was working at a store and an old lady asked me for something and i showed her an item then asked if that was it, and she told me she was blind(´・_・`)