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How long should your tie be? What is the proper length of a tie when wearing…

Fashion has less rules than people think.  Sure there are guidelines...  but once you know the rules...  they can be broken!  Today, however, we're talking about five basic rules that are set in stone.   You can't break them, you shouldn't break them; if you do break them you look like a g

Top 5 Style Mistakes To Avoid

Men's fashion rules can be quite subjective. But a few menswear guidelines shouldn't be broken. Here are the top 5 style mistakes men make. Men's style fau pas to avoid.

You better know

thisfits: “ How to Fit a Suit Jacket - How to Fit Mens Pants - Esquire ” A very reasonable guide. With jackets, you should also note whether the lapel is flush against your shirt, and whether the back.

bows-n-ties: “ Pairing Ties to Professions. Everything You Need To Know.

How a Shirt Should fit?

How A Dress Shirt Should Fit Infographic – Men’s Proper Fitting Dress Shirts (via Centeno) style


A graph of all types of facial hair. Beards and Moustaches. Maybe do something for Noshember / Men's Cancer Awareness

Entertain Like a Modern Gent

Entertain Like A Gentleman Infographic From Details Network Infographic Gentleman Guide Menstyle

How to Tie a Bow Tie http://youtu.be/2bNa4tAq-EQ

"Tying his tie before they tie the knot" Watch the full video tutorial! Jennifer of Likehearted shares an easy tutorial: How to Tie a Bowtie on Someone Else or Yourself!

Cómo Combinar camisas y #Corbatas para #Hombre

Combinación de Camisa y Corbata.

Cómo Combinar camisas y #Corbatas para #Hombre


your body chemistry will make any cologne smell different, even if it's the same scent on another man's body!