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Splattered Ink Animal Paintings by Hua Tunan (15 Photos)

splattered ink animal paintings by chen yingjie aka hua tunan

L’Artiste Chinois Hua Tunan Crée des Oeuvres Impressionnantes. Fresques Murales ou Autre Portraits d'Animaux. Il Utilise la Technique des Eclaboussures de Peinture qi'il Peaufine ensuite Manuellement (Tigre Rugissant)

I invite you to discover the powerful creations of the young Chinese artist Hua Tunan, native of the province of Guangdong, who mixes traditional art


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Farbkleckse & Spritzer: Die Eule von Hua Tunan erwacht zum Leben

Farbkleckse & Spritzer: Die Eule von Hua Tunan erwacht zum Leben

New Release: “Emerald” by Hua Tunan

Chinese artist Hua Tunan returns with us for a brand new hand-painted edition entitled "Emerald". Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese art with Western graffiti to create his own unique and stunning aesthetic.

Scottish Wildcat Close-Up

Photography Day at the British Wildlife Centre

Blue Ink Leopard by Hua Tunan

Foshan-based street artist Hua Tunan—whose 'splatter paint' portraits we have previously featured—is back with a series of new.

"lion head watercolor" | marlan volcu

The primary animal mascot of Phi Mu Fraternity is the lion. Nicknamed "Sir Fidel", after our open motto, the lion is a shared symbol with Alpha Delta Pi, representing our shared history.