Well, normal films based in books. Then you have the Percy Jackson movies.

Film vs Book comparison using iceberg. And this is why I have usually read the book you are talking about but rarely have seen or even heard there was a movie based on it.

19  Things Only Book Lovers Will Understand

I felt like this with the last Mortal Instruments book, the last Percy Jackson book, but most of all, the last Harry Potter. You can never read a book again for the first time


Funny pictures about I am a gamer. Oh, and cool pics about I am a gamer. Also, I am a gamer.

Although I haven't been through all of them yt, many of these things have happened to me..

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

25 signs you’re addicted to Books. Welcome to Bookaholics Anonymous. Hi my name is Hannah, and I'm addicted to books. Every year when I go backpacking, at least 5 pounds of the weight in my backpack is a thick hardcover.

This could happen at my house.  Definitely..... Maybe I should invest in an E-Reader to prevent this from happening?

This is so me! My husband would always buy me a new bookshelf every time there were more books than shelves!

"A Book Is Proof That Humans Are Capable Of Working Magic"

365 days in my shoes Day 309

"A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic." - Carl Sagan so true

If you love books, these places will blow your mind…

If you love books, these places will blow your mind…


Like this is a bad thing lol. Plus crying and book throwing and feels.

So much better to be a busy book reader than a busy body!

It's Better To Have Your Nose In A Book, Than In Someone Else's Business. I get far more enjoyment out of a book than someone else's business anyway.

that would be me haha comment if you are with me..

The odd thing about people who have lots of books is that they always want more! So true

Carl Sagan on books

"What an astonishing thing a book is.] Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other.] Books break the shackles of time.

Won't solve your problems

Funny pictures about Reading won't solve your problems. Oh, and cool pics about Reading won't solve your problems. Also, Reading won't solve your problems.

It's so hard not to j break down and cry lol

I was watching the hunger games going down Island when rue, finnick, AND Prim died and I tried to keep it together but I started crying.


How to Read a Book: Clear the Room. Obtain healthy snack and drink (which means chocolate, of course). Find a comfortable spot. Be ready for distractions.