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Your* hahaha my friend fights over text with this one guy and she always sends me the whole convos and its hilarious

Hahahahahahaahahah this is wonderful.Someone told me they rather listen to real music, than One Direction. I called him a dirty batch, and One Direction is real music.

OHMYGOD. That would have been a good book too. AsjjhjhxjhSXsChjhkjsxkjhk.All those feels for a short one min plot twist.  But once again we're kindof missing the point of Hunger Games though. Im guilty too.

The saddest thing I have ever read!And at the end what Prim said!Katniss was basically a Gale!Except the twist is it was fake!IM SO SAD!

#Katniss #Peeta

Hunger Games Humor / Catching Fire / Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Katniss / Peeta is it bad that I laughed way too much than I should have after I read this?

Books and Readers

Harry Potter and Hogwarts, Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood.then there's the Hunger Games.