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||SnK|| No sé si son cartas clow o qué

Las 40 mejores ilustraciones de Shingeki no kyojin

〖 Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Card captor Sakura cards Eren Jaeger Mikasa Ackerman Armin Alert Sasha Braus Jean Kirstein Annie Leonhart Christa Lenz Historia Reiss Levi Hange Zoe Erwin Smith 〗 I love the details they put into each person

Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan fan art by idaiku17

Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan fan art by I just realise that the Titan shifters have black around there mouths! Omg and Levi is crying! My poor baby!

"Beautiful Cruel World" Part 1

"In questo bellissimo mondo crudele. continuiamo a chiederci "perché" siamo vivi e perché viviamo" Cit: Quotes anime (Tradotte)

Petra x Levi:

Petra x Levi The main reason I love this is because it's really sweet and it's rare. Most fanfic of Levi these days are all yaoi. I don't mind yaoi, but it's nice to mix things up

so in the end Mikasa didn't get any answer to her biggest question . . . Captain Levi, where do the babies come from?

Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Jaeger, SnK/AOT there is only one solution its a titan

snk portraits || http://trixdraws.deviantart.com/gallery/ [please do not remove this caption with the source]

Even tho I'm not really into the realistic drawings, this is bootyful af

This would have been perfect cast, in my opinion that is..

This would have been a better cast, in my opinion that is.

I disagree with the choice for Levi, but Ymir hot damn<-- the only reason I disagree with James Marsden is because he's too tall