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La Campaña de Polonia

La Campaña de Polonia

Grable, 15 Kilotons, Nevada (1953) | Mushroom Cloud from A-Bomb Detonation

-A Swedish Christian Sect want`s to Bomb ISIS with Bibles ! -This must be more effective I think ,but I`m not Christian !

1944, France, Des parachutistes allemands (Fallschirmjäger) au combat armés entre autre de Panzerbüchse Panzerschreck en couverture derrière une maison de pierre

German paratroopers with rockets Panzerbüchse ("stovepipe" / "Panzerschreck") cover behind a field stone house in the village.

World War I German Shock Troops, circa 1917. CSU Archives/Courtesy Everett Collection

World War I German Shock Troops, Circa Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

World War I German Shock Troops, circa CSU Archives/Courtesy Everett Collection. Note their stahlheim helmets. These were the original Stormtroopers

1941, Russie, Des hommes de la SS-Division "Reich" (mot.) au combat pendant la bataille du saillant d'Elnya

Soldiers of the SS Division “Reich” during the battle near Elnya, Belarus.

kruegerwaffen: “ Fallschirmjaegers and dead russian soldier ”- pin by Paolo Marzioli

1941 German Fallschirmjaegers (Paratroopers) and dead russian soldiers. Every army's Paratroop/Airbourne Division, are feared for their toughness, and they nearly always, bring something special to the fight.

Tiger I's in Tunisia, 1943

Tiger I heavy tank in Tunisia, 1943 (Photographer Dullin, German Federal Archive)

Michael Wittmann´s Tiger I No. 007 was destroyed by Lt. James´s or Sgt Gordons Sherman Firefly.  Michael Wittmann and his complete crew were killed. There were buried here next to the wreck of the tank in an anonymous grave which was rediscovered in 1983 when the road was widened. Now they are buried in a collective grave on La Cambe War Cemetery (plot 47, row 3, grave 120).

Michael Wittmann´s Tiger I No. 007 was destroyed by Lt. James´s or Sgt Gordons…

Wehrmacht soldier throwing a "potato masher" -Operation Barbarossa.

Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor: July 1941-December 1941