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Kim Jongin trying to kill me

Paper Life

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kim jongin: goes from super cutie to damn sexy in just .2 seconds #exo

Jongin and suddenly- Kai.This would be concerning and creepy if I was sane.

exo kai sleeps in interview - Buscar con Google

reference, photo, man, pose, I can't tell whether this is Kai or jongin in this picture. Hr looks so sexy but still super cute

Kaiii ... But my eyes still on lay at the back

Lay XD just staring off into the universe and Kai dancing so cutely~~

If those aren't nice selcas then I don't want to know what mine are called!

Can't take nice selcas my ass Kai!Your selcas are beautiful just like you :)

Kai and Sehun - omo...  what would university years look like then..  (Kai's selca smile is beyond words...   he looks like a different person than when he's posing...  and it's infinitely more gorgeous..)

Kai and Sehun - omo. what would university years look like then. that "selca smile" on Kai is beyond words. he looks like a different person in selcas than when he's posing for pro pics. and it's infinitely more gorgeous.