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Anime picture with amnesia idea factory heroine (amnesia) hitomi aki (artist) single tall image short hair blush blue eyes breasts smile sky cloud (clouds) red hair looking away braid (braids) outdoors side braid girl dress

amnesia anime heroine - Google Search

amnesia anime heroine - Google Search

Stand out in a crowd. Be unique.

Amnesia (Anime)- Shin was the popular choice to end up with her but I really wanted her to end up with Ukyo.

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poor Ukyo (Amnesia) personally I love having a joker when playing a card game. A joker is my favorite card <<

Amnesia - Ukyo                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Ukyo ( there r two sides of ukyo good and bad the bad side tries to kill her ( the heroine) but the good side loves her

AMNESIA handsome Shin Ikki Toma Ukyo Kent

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