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Rats!! :)

I know most people hate rats, but they actually make very good pets…

50520e1e88c41b31a65b8981afc5be5c--pet-rats-rat-pet.jpg 736×657 pixels

50520e1e88c41b31a65b8981afc5be5c--pet-rats-rat-pet.jpg 736×657 pixels

I almost screamed out loud at work because this is SO FRAKING CUTE!

in the next couple of months dave and I are adopting two pet lab-rats!

Rat - nice picture

Status Quo: He hates people but admires animals like Toby and Wellington. He always goes home to take care of Toby his pet rat. He goes to school Monday-Friday and he lives in England.

Cute rattie baby - You will wuv what's in here! I'll give you the best deals to make our pooch friends happy!

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Local news just cracks me up.who just happens to have a lasso in their car in order to catch a miniature pony? Why is some children being stung by some bees without incident at a school a story?