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Heather Rosenman A wonderful crawling glaze that contrasts beautifully with the smooth orange below. Nice organic shape, too.

Takaezu, Toshiko - wonderful glazing. Our ceramics studio glaze - Toshiko white is her original recipe

Toshiko Takaezu, clay form with her signature glaze "Toshiko white" an original recipe.

American Studio Ceramics & Toshiko Takaezu: Ball State Universiy Museum of Art

(USA) Ceramics Ball by Toshiko Takaezu Hawaii, Japanese American. State Universiy Museum of Art.

Toshiko Takaezu, Toshiko came to visit Skidmore every summer to work and fire her large pieces in the gas kilns that Regis Brodie designed and built there.  Was always a pleasure to watch her working for all those years, she will be missed.

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