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En el mundo de la confección, tal vez te sientas algo restringida al no tener una máquina de coser. Aquí te mostramos algunas formas creativas de encontrarle la vuelta a este asunto.

31 Fáciles proyectos para hacer tú misma que no requieren costura

No Sew, fabric covered plastic storage bins / baskets. Used a cheap plastic dollar store bin and a dish towel!

Obsessively Stitching: Storage Cube TUTORIAL, part two -- Binding!

For kids room storage boxes for cupboard and a big one for toy box Obsessively Stitching: Storage Cube TUTORIAL part one -- Assembly!

This no-sew pencil roll makes a really cute gift for a budding artist.

31 Easy DIY Projects You Won't Believe Are No-Sew

This No-Sew Pencil Roll makes a really cute gift for a budding artist. Easy DIY Projects You Won't Believe Are No-Sew]

DIY No Sew Basket Liner--I'd prefer a real liner but realistically, this is all I have time for

DIY No Sew Basket Liner : maybe for a bigger toy basket for the nursery Frm bd: Babies/Kids/Maternity

Tales from a Cottage: DIY Fabric Covered Bins

So my favorite Berenstain Bears book as a child was Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room . the room starts off .

Caja reciclada contenedora de toallas y repasadores. Contacto l http://nestorcarrarasrl.wordpress.com/contactenos/ Néstor P. Carrara S.R.L l ¡En su 35° aniversario!


DIY Jute Basket from Cardboard Box.now if I could just find an empty tissue box in this house that hasn't already been destroyed.

Re-Purposed Car Trash Can: old cascade container covered I pretty contact paper

DIY Car Trash Container: How using about a plastic cereal storage container? Just add a small trash bag, and snap the lid back on! Even cheaper - a recycled Cascade dish soap container

Easy DIY Suitcase Tutorial Make a pretty vintage suitcase craft out of an old shoebox! A pretty & inexpensive way to wrap birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Much cheaper than the pre-made craft store or home decorating store versions!