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LowPolygon Tree 1 by Cremuss Low polygon forest tree, ready to go in any real time application,RTS , RPG,MMORPGor anything else 842 triangles !

steampunk_md3_patterns_by_dylazuna-d8iifdo.jpg(JPEG 圖片,1200x5642 像素)

For those interested in such things, here are the Marvelous Designer pattern layouts for my steampunk outfit.

What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition - Page 453 - Polycount Forum

2014 Edition - Page 453 - Polycount Forum-I needed this. Grass slows my performance down when creating game enviroments

So Chemits have the Periodic Table, Designers have Font and Color Tables.  What do CG Modelers have?  A pretty nerdy discussion over at CGTalk.com  helps to explain the answer.  I wanted to share some insight into great  discussion of fundamental design principles in 3D.   http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=2&t=764151  Particularly, these design tables deal with vertex numbering and the  outcome of model appearance, when processed.

Polygon Modeling Tables for 3D Artists

Learning Blender 6a by ChaosFissure

Part establishes some basic tools, stuff, and how to make shapes that will be applied in later tutorials in part I am learning Blender, and figure.


9 forest trees by Cremuss Here is my first tree set : 9 trees models ( 276 and 240 triangles from biggest to smal