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A different way to use Russian leaves. How to make a Beaded flowers / Схемы цветов из бисера

Peyote stitch pattern using two colors of size 11 seed beads.

DIY Square Shaped Beaded Bracelet

По просьбе Lara_businka решено разделить бабочек и схемы для ткачества в разные посты: ))

Beaded beads tutorials and patterns, beaded jewelry patterns, wzory bizuterii koralikowej, bizuteria z koralikow - wzory i tutoriale

Каллы в мозаичной технике / Цветы / Biserok.org


Каллы в мозаичной технике / Цветы / Biserok.org

Черный и цветочный лариат / Колье, бусы, ожерелья / Biserok.org

Flower lariant scheme - need Beads green number № 10 and 8 color number three shades - green beads three colors - crimson beads number 12 two colors - crimson beads mm in several colors - monofilament thread - beading needle number 12

DIY Bead Fuchsia Flower

DIY Bead Fuchsia Flower

Pandahall provides craft ideas for making handmade jewelries. You can get the amazing craft idea when you buy the materials

Delica Bead Earring Free Patterns | Native American Muskogee Delica Beaded Earrings Blue Sliver | eBay

Native american muskogee delica beaded earrings - blue & sliver

This would look really amazing if I put a cabochon in the centre and did the flowers around.