Inside cathedral at Pisa, Italy. Galileo supposedly observed the lamp in this picture swinging and that the lamp always required the same amount of time to complete an oscillation, no matter how large the range of the swing. "Later in life Galileo verified this observation experimentally and suggested that the principle of the pendulum might be applied to the regulation of clocks."

Duomo, Pisa Italy - Gallileo is believed to have formulated his theory of pendulum movement by watching the swinging of an incense lamp inside the nave. The original lamp, plainer and simpler is kept in the nearby Camposanto.

Interior view of the Duomo of Pisa, Italy.

Interior of the Duomo di Pisa Cathedral, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

Volterra, Province of Pisa, region of Tuscany , Italy

I spent here beautiful day in May is how I remember streets in Volterra, Province of Pisa, region of Tuscany , Italy