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Eleanor Calder

her hair looks sooooo pretty strait

Louis: Make way for the queen!! Eleanor: Aw lou stop it Louis: Oh I wasnt talking about you  Eleanor: *laughs*

El & Lou :) - louis-tomlinson-and-eleanor-calder Photo


Eleanor and her cake on her birthday!(: (it's a Taylor Swift cake)


:D that would be fabLOUIS!bye then!) anyway she would be the greatest friend to have! (No it's not cause she's friends with & dating Louis) :)

Eleanor Calder (friend's instagram)

Eleanor Calder and her cinco de mayo outfit!

el & some friends re taking an old picture from when they were younger. (:

el & some friends re taking an old picture from when they were younger.

Fetus El

Fetus El

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my fashion icon, the beautiful Eleanor Calder.

Eleanor Calder is gorgeous as always!

Eleanor pretty as always

eleanor calder.

honestly i'm gonna cry bcause this picture describes their whole relationship asdfghjkl;

| Eleanor Calder And Louis Tomlinson |

Eleanor Calder And Louis Tomlinson

eleanor calder's style

I feel like she can wear anything and still look beautiful in it! She can rock any outfit!

Eleanor Calder is sooooo beautiful! I honestly don't see how people don't like this gorgeous girl!♥

eleanor calder your my queen don't listen to the haters baby I love you. I can't lose you ever Smith Smith calder >>> True love everyone.

Eleanor's silly smile. :) << she's so beautiful ^_^

Eleanor's smile :D

@thetomlinson Dang Lou, you've got a breathtakingly stunning girl to call your girlfriend! I love you guys together and I only wish you both the best! God bless! - Sarah Xx

maid of honor hair