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Momma and baby Killer Whales (Orcas)

Animal moms and their babies - 2011

Mama Orca and baby. Orcas, known as "killer whales" aren't whales at all. They are the largest dolphins. And most powerfully aggressive, at the top of their food chain.

So beautiful!

"Winter Cardinals on Goldenrod" by Larry Zach ~~ Cardinals are active songbirds and sing a variety of different melodies. Unlike many songbirds, both male and female cardinals sing, and the female often vocalizes with song from her nest.

...Zen > WabiSabi < Zen...

The 26 atolls that make up the Maldives Island are located off of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Here you can witness plenty of gorgeous coral reef wildlife, like whale sharks.

After research reveals dolphins have extraordinary intellects and emotional IQs…

After research reveals dolphins have extraordinary intellects and emotional IQs greater than ours, expert ask: Should they be treated as humans?

Intelligent life: Dolphins possess the next most impressive brain after humans, according to research. Orca "whales" are really dolphins and in this category of intelligence.

sunset painting - Sök på Google

Nature Two Dolphins Jumps On The Sea With Beautiful Sunset Background Hd Wallpapers Ocean life HD Wallpaper

orcaadventure-12 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

i cannot imagine anything more spectacular than kayaking and then finding yourself in the midst of orcas. - Stop the Dolphin and Orca Slaughter NOW


Marvellous Colorful and Beautiful Koi fish they are symbols of love and friendship in Japan

Animal Nature: 'Ocean Soul' photo exhibit dives deep.  What an amazing picture!

Animal Nature: 'Ocean Soul' photo exhibit dives deep; migrating whales move north; Oregon Coast Aquarium primes for spring break

I have NEVER seen this many dolphins together playing! How Dolphins Delight me!

soooo many dolphins! I would be so happy :) and ooh just saw a baby dolphin under it's mom that I didn't notice at first.

A pink albino bottlenose dolphin. The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail and has reddish eyes indicating it's albinism. The skin appears smooth, glossy pink and without flaws. The dolphin has been spotted swimming in Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana.

"Pinky", the rare albino Dolphin who has been spotted in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA. The striking mammal has stunned both visitors and experts as Pinky is thought to be the world's only 'pink' bottle nose dolphin.

i like tuwtlez

Pacific green sea turtle swimming over the shallow coral reef at Two Steps (aka Pu‘uhonua O Honaunau or Honaunau or Place of Refuge), Big Island, Hawaii

Love the ocean♥♥♥ ocean quotes to live by beach turtle I am happiness when I am in the sea!