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taylor swift facts

taylor swift facts only some of us would know

I hope she's doing a T-Party for the 1989 tour... even though the chance of getting picked is so low, I really want to meet her!

I'm so dressing up when I go to Taylor Swifts concert 1989

taylor swift facts

Taylor Swift, that's how she rolls!

and your secrets end up splashed on the news front page.... Real sketch, Taylor. o.O

Taylor Swift, ladies and gentlemen.

If I met her I would tell her that she looks familiar but I can't quite remember from where. Then I would say ohh I got it you are that Becky girl and see if she can pick up on the sarcasm lol. I say I would do this but I would probably stand there tongue tied and forget all of this.

How could this person not know it was the actual Taylor Swift?

taylor swift facts

That's a really good habit!

HAHAHAH LOLOL THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! And I also have nerdy stuff so I will NOT judge!

Taylor Swift--- the best singer and person in the world💜

That sounds like how I'm always cold, and my mom is warm.

She likes everything cooler, and i like warmer.

taylor swift facts

taylor swift facts

Taylor Alison Swift Facts

Obviously, Joe Jonas.

taylor swift facts

taylor swift facts shes so cute!

I feel so bad for T that they bullied her but now she can look at them at laugh for doubting her

Taylor bullied what?

How cool!!!!!!!!!! I love Taylor swift

The kids in the music video & Has Changed& their names are Alison and CHRISTOpher, which are Taylor and Ed& middle names.

taylor swift facts

I will help taylor send your kids to where I go

Taylor Swift Facts

Taylor Swift Facts

I just love her. She reminds me of me sometimes ;)

That last one's pretty funny