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This sunset looks pink and almost neon-like. This reminds me of an "urban sunset" because sometimes there seems to be more neon lights that natural lights in cities.

Las fotos nocturnas de Elsa Bleda

Young photographer Elsa Bleda has most likely lived in more places in the world than many people. As a stranger in the night, she explores the cities she calls home, shedding a light on the abandoned nightscapes she encounters. We spoke…


let's seal ourselves inside tonight, share a gaze until street lights blink on outside

You must learn to live with your own conscience, your own morality, your own decision, your own self.

Fascinée par les enseignes néon qui faiblissent, et l'ambiance glauque qu'elles génèrent, une photographe parcourt la nuit pour les photographier.

Photographer Vicky Moon has roamed Los Angeles streets by night in order to capture signs lights. In a deep midnight blue atmosphere, electric pink and blue sig

Neon lights in the night

It is all too often that I find myself awake at night, unable to sleep, a million and one thoughts filling the junk bucket inside my head.

Empty Gold~ Halsey

Chapter He has made his way down a darkened alley and is stopped behind a dumpster at the end to rid himself of the liquor.