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I always do that but when I guess my friend always corrects me when she text back I makes me mad - Funni Pic - Funny Pictures - Humour

It happens

Teenager Posts: Kids do this all the time and it makes me want to slap them, nobody cares if you flipped to the right page.

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Today I don't feel like doing ANYTHIIIING! I just wanna state at the floooooor! I normally groan at the thing.

that's exactly what i think everytime we have a fire drill. i'd grab my phone, run out the door, scream, run home (it's over a mile away tho), and pray that the school will never be ok again. i'm fine with not going there lmao

I saw kids lining up for a fire drill,and I'm like no one is Going to quietly line up in a real fire!

Auto correct ain't got time for dat

That one time when I need auto-correct, it doesn't work and every other time is like "No! I don't need you auto-correct. You're ruining my life!

This is the worst!!!  Esp when it happens to your child!!!

Yeah, like they make a friend group but doesn't include you eventhough you have assumed them as your bestfriend. And your bestfriend is ni it. Like the girl squad that sit behind me. And it really hurt you know?