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The Greek and Roman Gods

Greek gods and their Roman counterparts. Roman gods and goddesses, as compared to their lively Greek counterparts, lacked personality, were never seen in human form, and were concerned with civic duty.

This is a great reference to learn and remember the Greek alphabet!

Recruitment is the best time to learn the Greek alphabet! Did any one notice the first and second letters spell alphabet.


Guys, hera got roasted (pun intended --hephaestus is the god of fire and the forge)

Percy Jackson: The seven listen to the radio.

That's so funny! But I thought it would make him sad, because his Mom died by fire, you know 'This girl is on fire' I don't know

Yes!! Percy makes everything better. :D

No but seriously I know so much about Greek and roman mythology now I would learn so much<<< Or if we put history into musical form. Look how well Lin Manuel Miranda did with it.

Rick Riordan is hilarious! #percyjackson #greeks #romans

Greeks fight more slashy slashy, Romans fight more stabby stabby