I'm going back and forth to Elephants again.both the traditional sense and indian/asian influences are starting to grow on me as an idea due to the symbolism centered around the elephants inherent strength and steadfastness. Possible tattoo?

Mandala | by Calabash Bazaar

I love this zendala and the teacher's motivation. "~ mandala ~this is a great anxiety and stress reliever to color intricate designs. I have my students color before their final!

Same challenge on Wet Canvas/Art Journal Forum.  Wanted to show how frilly a tangle could get.  Used the most feminine tangles I had or could think of. Strathmore Visual Journal, Bristol Vellum, 7x9 with Sharpie pens basically.

"zentangle"-- these are choreographed doodles made up of specifically named patterns which people are taught to do as a means of relaxation. I have mixed feelings about orchestrated drawing.